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VW Navigation System DIY Install on 2001 Mazda Miata

Fed up with my stock double-din radio I decided to upgrade.

I decide to that my next radio should be OEM looking and be also double-din. The reason behind this is that not only it will be easier to install and less prone to be stolen.

So I started to look around on the internet and  found out that the VW navigation systems fit like a glove into the Miata.

I found out two models that interested me:



Although the MFD is much better than the MCD I decided for the MCD for 3 reasons:

- Price: MFD is almost double the price of an MCD.

- MFD cannot read audio CDs by itself, it can only do so with a CD changer (which means more money)

- I didn't know if I could install the system so I figured I should try with the cheaper MCD and if it went well I could always upgrade to the MFD later.


MCD Navigation System Specs


Other Functions

2-DIN Housing
CD drive assembly (audio and navigation)
DOT matrix display, mono chrome arrow symbolism
Dynamic Navigation via RDS/TMC
4 x 20 W
2 x 6 FM
2 x TP
2 x 6 AM
CDC control of connections


After some researching I found out the unit's pin-outs:

For the navigation system to work properly the unit must be connected to a  GPS antenna.

Bosch GPS Antena


Mazda Mx5 Audio Pin Outs (Double Din >01 units)

Found the pin outs at his site:

A LF+ Yellow/Red
B Bat (+12V) Blue/Red
C LF- Yellow/Black
D RF+ Yellow/Green
E Pulsed Dimmer (TNS+) Red/Black
F RF- Green
G Inverted Dimming Grey/Red
H PWR Ant Grey/Black
I blank  
J blank  
K blank  
L Tele mute  
M blank  
N blank  
O blank  
P blank  
Q blank  
R IGN (+12V switched) Blue/Black
S LR+  
T blank  
U LR-  
V RR+  
W Ground Black

Found this adapter cable which allows to connect

the Mazda radio harness directly to the radio.

Mazda To ISO Cable

As the Mazda antenna cable ends like this

had to buy another adapter cable:

Antenna adapter cable:

The Mazda to ISO Adapter cable plugged almost

right in the MCD need only minor cable position changes

"Mazda to ISO" Cable Changes to fit ISO

A LF+  
B Bat (+12V) UB+ / Safe
C LF-  
D RF+  
E Pulsed Dimmer (TNS+) KL-58B
F RF-  
G Inverted Dimming  
L Tele mute TEL-M
R IGN (+12V switched) S-KONT
S LR+  
T blank  
U LR-  
V RR+  


As the GPS antenna comes with a magnet it was simply

placed on the metal bar behind the  passenger airbag.


Everything plugged in and ready to go!

It works!!

MCD in place

Unfortunately I got the wrong navigation

CD and this is all I get for navigation.


It turns out there are two versions of this navigation unit. One version was fabricated until October 2000 and the other after. I found out he hard way that mine was the first version. The Navigation CD I bought is "DX" version which only works on the most recent unit.

The 2 CD versions

 No DX <Oct 2000

DX>Oct 2000


Speed Signal

Haven't plugged in the speed signal cable yet.The miata has no speed pulse source in its radio harness so I had to investigate where to find it.

The guy that sold me the adapter cable told me that I would find the speed signal for in the engine control receiver, behind the covering in the passengers feet area.   It is the white/black cable leading out of the bottom row of the middle plug.


Will try this on the next weekend.


Cables adapter cables atenna ebay